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Too much mixing pain meds

Too much mixing pain meds

I was dating a woman who had a ton of health issues and on a variety of high-powered pain medication. Yes, I knew this going in. We didn't get out much at night, but, when we did, she made it count. She'd mix her drinks, and, on the pain meds, usually get hammered drunk, out of it, and, at times, a bit nasty. One night, we were out, and she was hitting the two types of drinks hard, but not missing taking her pain meds. I saw trouble coming, but not what happened: As I was paying our bill at a nice sports bar, she went outside and towards my car, which was in the parking lot around the corner of the building. She didn't make it.

I found her laying on the sidewalk, next to a telephone pole, all woozy and holding her head. Got her up and to my car, asking her repeatedly..Are you ok, did you hit your head, are you bleeding, etc. She insisted she was ok, then...Went unconscious. I tried getting her up and with it, but, no-go. Called 911, and she woke up, angry that I did.. I told her, what did you expect me to do? You were unresponsive for about 5 minutes! That became her ranting at me about I know how I am, this happens all the time, and so forth.

Dropped her off at home, and the next day..She said went to the ER and had a fractured skull. I wanted to take her that night, but she declined and argued with me about it. Was the last time I let her mix her drinks (and have so many) like that. Anytime we'd go out after that, I kept it limited to one place, food, a table (not bar..which was another mistake..letting her sit at the bar and eye up all the alcohol), and a self-imposed time limit. I wasn't going through the fractured skull evening again.
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