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Embarrassed in front of boyfriend s parents

My boyfriend and I were hanging out at his house one night, celebrating our 2 month anniversary. We had a nice dinner, and after that we were just relaxing on his couch and getting comfy. Things started to heat up, and before you knew it, we were both naked and on the floor.

There was a can of whip cream on the table and he suggested we have some fun with it. He sprayed me with the stuff and was just about to lick it of when his huge dog came running in. He jumped on me and knocked my boyfriend over and started licking the whip cream off of me!

Suddenly as if things werent bad enough, we heard my boyfriends parents' car pulling up in the garage. My boyfriend threw his boxers on, and right after that, his parents walked in on us! It must have looked so bad, it looked like i was recieving oral sex from the dog! It was a pretty bad situation, but I t out of there right after that. Fom that day I have never been able to look his parents in the eye!
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