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I had recently started to date this guy I worked with and he asked me to go out to have some fun on a cruise, I had never been before so I said ok. Well he came to pick me up and we went out and had some fun, drinks and all. Well it was a bit of a ride from where we lived and we started to get a little frisky in the car. Well not wanting to wait until we got home we decided to pull off the side of the road into a small neighborhood and it was late about 2 am so we could continue our frisky fun. Well we decided to stay in the front seat so if anyone came up we could see them. He started to take off my pants to give me oral sex and set my pants on the floor beside him. Well I took his pants off also and things started to get heated. Well all of a sudden I smelled something HORRIBLE! I stopped him and asked him if he smelled something, he said no. We went a little further and again I had to stop because I was just dying in that smell. I told him it smelled like a dog or cat took a shit in his car being that I worked at an animal hospital I could recognize a shit smell, so I suggested me move because I just couldn't take it anymore. Well when I went to go put my pants on I seen that there was diarrhea all over my pants and him!! I asked him what that was on my pants and he said he didnt know. He must have been so drunk he didn't notice he pooped all over both of us. I had to put my pants on and ride all the way home (about 1 hour) covered in POOP the smell was AWFUL we rode home in silence with the windows down. We dated for about 2 years after this and never one time spoke a word of it not even the next day!
anonymous Horror-Stories September 06, 2022 at 3:36 pm 0
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