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Gas Problem

A couple months ago the guy I was dating and I were at his friends house watching a movie on his friends projector home theater, which equals loud surround sound. I'd had gas all night and my boyfriend was sitting in between my legs, I didn.t want to tell him my problem, so before he sat down I put a blanket down to kind of protect the smell if it came out. I successfully squeezed a few out silently and was doing pretty well, but since I was just squeezing it out there was a large build up. Well on a particularly funny part of the movie I bust out laughing, and so did my guy, because when I started laughing a HUGE fart just came out. He and I were sitting there cracking up at the fart, but since the surround sound was extremely loud, his friends didn.t hear it. They just stared at us like, “dude, its not THAT funny.” I was totally mortified! But I couldn.t help but just laugh it off…I whispered in his ear “baby Im so sorry!” and he just replied with, “no no thanks for the laugh, I needed that!” Later that night I could tell he was just being nice, guess who didn.t get laid! Oh well guess the moral of the story is, JUST GO TO THE BATHROOM!
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