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Dating Horror Story

Dating Horror Story

I was nursing a nasty stomach bug when the guy I had wanted to date for a very long time asked me out. I decided to go ahead and go out with him even though I had been sick. The big date came and I was feeling a lot better, though I still had some gas and whatnot.

We went out to a nice restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. Then we went back to his place. Everything was going splendidly. We were watching TV and fooling around when he got up to go pour us a glass of wine.

I had been feeling a strong urge to pass wind since dinner and I figured that now would be a prime opportunity. So I let her rip but something else besides the fart came out. I felt a wet sensation in my pants and I knew immediately that I has shit my pants. I ran to the bathroom and took off my panties. I washed them with soap and water and buried my soiled underwear in the bottom of the trashcan underneath some papers. I returned to the living room, where my date was waiting with glasses of wine. We started fooling around some more and just when things were getting heavy, his Yorkie, Sam, jumped right on top of us.

We both smelled a foul odor and I looked up to find Sam had something in his mouth. Yup! You guessed it. It was my dirty undies! Mortified, I grabbed my purse, ran out the door, ran three blocks from his house and called a cab to pick me up.
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